Uncategorized DIY No Sew Blackout Curtains February 10, 2014

Thanks to a street light in front of our house, our bedroom feels like the Las Vegas strip at night.  Blackout curtains have been a long time coming, and with the new baby six weeks away I’m going to need a dark place to nap during the day after all those sleepless nights.  Nursing didn’t go so well with Grant.  He had to eat every ninety minutes, and it took him a full hour each time, so I slept in thirty minute increments for the first month.  Hopefully things run more smoothly this time.  Here I am at 34 weeks:


After painting our walls Benjamin Moore’s Beach Glass, the easy thing would have been to go with white curtains, but I really wanted some kind of pattern.  It couldn’t be geometric next to our headboard, though, and had to stay neutral in color.  When I found a grey, coral print from Premier Prints, it fit my needs perfectly, and was a bargain at $8 a yard.  Each panel ended up being 2.5 yards, so they cost a total of $32 each including the blackout liner.


  1. Iron on fusing web, like stitch-witch or hem-tape
  2. Upholstery fabric-I used Premier Prints Isadella Coral in Grey from Fabric.com
  3. Blackout liner-I used Roc-Lon Blackout Drapery Lining from Fabric.com
  4. Drapery Rings
  5. Scissors

I added four inches to the length I wanted for my curtains when measuring my coral fabric.  The blackout fabric was cut to the exact size of the curtain, and laid on top.


I laid fusing web beneath the perimeter of the blackout fabric, for extra stability.


After ironing the two layers together, per the instructions on the package, the blackout liner was attached.  Then I used more fusing web to fold the edges of the coral fabric over my liner.


One more round with the iron…


And we have blackout curtains.  It was so dark in our room last night that I slept until 9AM this morning.  Here’s our finished product:

AA8771711 - Bedroom (Master)

We have one more big project in the works before the baby arrives, which I’m pretty excited about.  Today I’ve been working on rearranging furniture in the kitchen and dining room so that we can get started.  I’m pretty excited to share our progress this week, so hopefully our new Kreg jig arrives in time to get started soon!  For now, we’re enjoying the Olympics and hoping for warmer weather.