Uncategorized Sick Week February 5, 2014

We are recovering from the flu this week.  I usually have to hide my husband’s keys when he’s sick to keep him from going to work, but he stayed home without question yesterday.  Poor Grant watched movie after movie as Jason and I slipped in and out of consciousness on the couch, and I fed him delivery Italian food, because there was no way either of us could cook anything.  I felt horribly guilty, but I think G was thoroughly enjoying watching Cars on repeat and eating ravioli’s.

Jason went into the office today and my mother-in-law took the day off to watch Grant while I convalesce a bit longer.  I’m currently in the midst of five loads of laundry and cleaning every inch of our house with Lysol wipes.  Every toy, doorknob, light switch, and solid surface is being wiped down.  So, I think we are officially out of commission for the week.  The house projects should resume shortly, but for now, we’re lazing around and trying to recover.