Decorating Doormat Musical Chairs July 24, 2013

We received a lovely surprise in the mail today (besides the ridiculous toll bill that must mean the battery in my EZ Pass is dead).  My mom sent us this awesome cedar doormat she found on Red Envelope:

Mom has great taste.  I had just replaced the doormat that we brought from our old house:
After seeing the photos it looked a bit small in comparison to the new door frame.  I wasn’t sure they even made wider doormats until I came across this extra wide one at Target.  It fit perfectly, and was only $25.
Check out the view through my front door.  Too cute, huh?  I tried out the cedar mat, but as pretty as it was, the wide door frame wasn’t doing it any favors.
So, we put the rubber mat back and looked for a new location.  Ever seen a doormat on a wall before?
Maybe I’ve started a new trend.  This thing is too good looking to let people step all over, anyway.  Not to mention the fact that my bare walls are getting desperate for some artwork.
If you’re noticing the new runner, I got it at Target, today.  It’s too small for the hallway, and I accidentally threw the packaging away, so it’s going on the stairs.  I love stair runners, and I’ve been itching to get one in here, so this is a great excuse.  I’ll get a tutorial up in the next couple days.  At the moment, this project is on hiatus until Jason can figure out where the spring that just fell out of the nailgun goes.