Decorating Fancy Whiteboard July 26, 2013

I’m in the midst of trying to find some organization in my life.  In my newfound quest to cut down of Target trips, I decided to put my lists front and center.  While at Target (still forgetting at least two items I went to buy) I saw sheets of glass they’re selling as dry erase boards.  This inspired some creativity, as I’m generally a non-crafty type.
Two aisles away, I found this distressed wooden frame already separated into four sections.
I cut Kraft paper to the size of my frame with a razor blade.  I bought my Kraft paper at the dollar store, where I went for the first time last week.  I don’t know what I was expecting, but things were seriously, one dollar.  It blew my mind.  I’ve been paying $7 a roll for Kraft paper at Paper Source.  I have been converted.
Then, I labeled my sections: Calendar, To-Do, Shopping List, and Events.  It took me more than one try to write the labels in the right place on my Kraft paper.  I kept putting them where the wood covered.  I was pretty lucky to chance upon that Dollar Store, because I used the entire roll.
And last, I hung it up.
Wow, that was a quick tutorial.  I’m used to writing things “How I built this cabinet” or “How we nailed new treads and risers into our stairs”, so I feel like something’s missing.  Like, “First I cut down a tree in my back yard, then I widdled my frame….etc.”  Maybe I should craft more.  It’s a whole lot easier to explain how to frame some wrapping paper than use a grout float.
Anyway, if you’ve kept reading, I keep the dry erase markers in a jar on my desk and take a picture of the shopping list with my IPhone before I go to the store.  So far it’s working. Jason adds stuff to the list instead of hoping I remember when he shouts out, “Remember to buy razor blades.”
Obviously, I don’t.
I was worried the wall would look cluttered, but it works, and looks a lot better than a whiteboard.  Total costs, $34.  Sanity saving, priceless.
  1. Threshold Window Floating Picture Frame $29.99
  2. Dry Erase Markers $2.99
  3. Kraft paper $1