Uncategorized Time to get floored July 24, 2013

Remember when we ripped out the carpet in our hallway?

If you haven’t been reading regularly, you wouldn’t have heard about it.  Actually, if you have been reading regularly, you still would’t have heard about it.  This is how our hallway has looked for the past month:
Jason has gotten pretty good at tap dancing.  I’m not as agile.  
Grant and I had a rough day, so I needed a distraction tonight, and those floors were calling my name.  
The poor kid woke up from his nap, quite literally, covered in blood.  It was a scene straight out of a horror movie.  I actually screamed when I saw him, his entire face and hair were coated.  He has a strawberry mark on his nose that he scratched in his sleep.  I tried to get the bleeding to stop for 45 minutes before taking him to the ER, where they used epinephrine.  It’s going to keep happening if we don’t get it removed, so, feeling a little like one of those Toddlers and Tiaras mothers, I made an appointment with a plastic surgeon. 
He was happy after a long (and blood free) afternoon nap, so I think we’re going to be ok, but it was pretty scary.  Anyway, back to the floors: 
We’ll add a tutorial after we finish the hallway.  At this point it would be little more than a blooper reel and us saying, “Uhhh, don’t do this…” as we remove the boards we install incorrectly.  This is Jason as he tells me we should have hired someone for the tenth time tonight:
It may not look like we got much done, but that strip on the left is about five hours of work.  I’m crossing my fingers that it’s the learning curve slowing us down, and it’ll speed up once we get the hang of things.  At this rate we will still be laying these floors when Grant goes to college.   We at least nailed in enough of the boards to lessen the death trap.  Now it’s more of a paralysis trap.
Jason swore he’d be home from work in time to finish the hallway tomorrow.  We’ve picked up speed from the first row we did, so hopefully it’ll start zipping along soon.  For now, I’m getting friendly with a pint of Ben and Jerry’s.  A day like this means an ice cream kind of night.  

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