Uncategorized Closet Progress October 9, 2013

Our plans of finishing the hall closet tonight have been thwarted.  The sleep-battle is now carrying over to bed time.  We just put Grant down for the fourth time tonight (nap time today took four tries over the span of five hours).  Our first attempt was met with giggling as he happily yelled for us to return for twenty minutes.  That isn’t totally abnormal, and when it happens we play for ten minutes in his room and he immediately falls asleep.  Tonight it resulted in hysterical crying.  We’ve tried Tylenol, snuggling, watching a movie, and Jason dancing around in a shark mask, to no avail.  Grant is now laying down in his Elmo costume and I’m praying to God this is the fourth and last attempt at sleep, because he has broken me.  One more tear and he will win and be allowed to wander around the house until he falls asleep on the floor somewhere.  Seriously, is there anything worse than seeing your baby cry and not knowing how to help him?

I made a little bit of closet progress between during today’s mini-nap.  After completely emptying the closet I painted in Benjamin Moore’s Lily White to match the rest of the hallway.  Last night we dug through our scrap wood pile and found enough lumber to make a 12″ deep shelf for the base of the closet, with dividers for Grant’s cars and our snow boots.

The garage is a big hit.

Maybe it’s too big?  The excitement could be causing insomnia…

I managed to sketch out a rough idea of our plans and we made a Home Depot run after Jason got home from work, so the total project should come to about $75.  That’s a huge savings off the Closet Maid stuff, and it’s totally custom to our storage needs.  This is a rough Photoshop version of what we’re going for:

Minus the Chloe bag.  I can dream, anyway.  Hopefully the little guy will be back to normal tomorrow and we’ll have some free time to get this project finished after he goes to bed.  For now, we’re watching The Goldberg’s.  It has two things that make any comedy work-’80’s pop culture and Jeff from Curb Your Enthusiasm.