Uncategorized Closet Organizing October 8, 2013

I took a blogging vacation last week while my cousin was visiting from Atlanta, but we dropped her off at BWI today, so it’s back to work around here.

My son has decided that he only needs one nap a day.  He’s transitioning smoothly.  I, on the other hand, am having a hard time adjusting from four hours to ninety minutes of free time a day.  Between exhaustion, pregnancy hormones, and a teething toddler who spends every moment in the car yelling at the top of his lungs (although he’s incredibly sweet and mellow in every other situation), let’s just say I’m on edge.  I was counting the minutes until Jason got home today.  All I wanted to do was sit in my bathtub with a pan of brownies and a bottle of wine, but I settled for jumping in my car and driving around for an hour until I found myself wandering the closet organization aisle of Home Depot.  An hour of peaceful shopping was exactly what I needed to remind me that it had just been a long day and I really do love being a parent.  I got home just in time to read Moo Baa La-la-la and kiss my baby before tucking him in.

I’m going to let you in on my shameful secret, this is my hall closet:

It is in desperate need of additional shelving to store the mountain of shoes and bags on the floor.  During 90-minute nap time I managed to clean this monstrosity out.  That was no easy feat in addition to laundry, dishes, and vacuuming.  Grant was delighted by the new play-space:

I returned home from my dazed stroll through Home Depot with $158 worth of Closet-Maid supplies.  Admittedly, that’s pretty expensive for particle board and aluminum rails, so Jason and I cleaned out the scrap lumber pile in the basement tonight and decided to make our own version.  We’ll get to work tomorrow, at the moment we’re relaxing while catching up on Homeland.  This is our current hall closet:

Pretty nice, huh?  We can definitely toss most of that stuff, but I haven’t had a chance to sort through it yet.  For now, I’ll share some inspiration:

I love the way they fit the shoe cubbies into the side wall.  We need floor space to hold our vacuum and mop, though, so we won’t be able to fit a bench.   Something like this is more likely how it will end up:

Traditional Closet by San Francisco General Contractors Bill Fry Construction – Wm. H. Fry Const. Co.
For now I’m finishing up the design plan and Jason and I will get to it tomorrow night.  Hopefully I’ll have some more to share in the next couple days.

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