painting projects Nursery Change-Up September 7, 2013

Sorry for the lack of posts this week, we’re still without a desktop.  The good news is we’re getting a free hard drive from Mac, so I’m being extra patient with their install.

At the moment, Jason and I are in the process of a nursery mix-up.  Our guest room is the bigger of our two extra bedrooms, so while we initially thought that would be the new nursery, we’ve decided to move Grant there to enjoy the extra play-space.  It also has room for us to leave the full size bed we use for guests, even after we add his crib.  Our plan is to build a day-bed frame for the full mattress that G can transition to in a year or two.

Jason finished installing the hardwood floors in the guest room on Tuesday, so I’ve been back in my element, paintbrush in hand.  My goal is to have Grant moved this week so his old room can be cleared out to start the next leg of flooring.

The guest room has beadboard along the bottom half of the wall:

We were tempted to pull it out, not that we have anything against beadboard, but a bedroom seems like an odd place for it.  Ultimately we decided it wasn’t worth patching the drywall, so it got two new coats of paint.  I’m not a fan of white, high gloss trim paint, which is what we started with.  Using a creamy, off-white, fits our more modern style, so we used Benjamin Moore’s White Dove in satin to paint all the trim in this house.  In the photo below I painted the chair rail, but the beadboard underneath is still white, so you can see the difference in the colors:

It’s pretty subtle, but once the entire room is done it makes an impact.

I had to use a paint-brush instead of a roller to get into the grooves of the beadboard, so it took me a few hours to paint everything.  Luckily Grant had busy play-days this week, so he took three hours naps on Thursday and Friday.

I’ve decided to do his room in grey and yellow, so I painted the upper half of his walls Covington Grey by Benjamin Moore (in Natura, their Zero VOC paint-to protect the fetus here).  It looked a lot darker on the walls than in the paint swatch, but we like it.  If we didn’t have the beadboard it probably would have been too dark for the room, but because it’s only on half of the wall it works.

And there you have it, finally a room in our house that is not baby blue!

I’ll probably end up repainting all of our bedrooms at some point, but I had to get rid of all the beige when we moved in, so everything got a coat of White Lily.  At the moment, Jason is sanding down a crib that our neighbors gave us.  It was in great shape (and free!) except some chipped paint, so I’m giving it a fresh coat.

Here is our nursery to-do list for the week:

1. Paint the new crib
2. Install Wall Sconce
3. Find table lights (we don’t have an overhead light in this room)
4. Stenciling $9.99 Ikea Curtains to add color
5. Re-framing artwork
6. Building the daybed (admittedly, that probably won’t be finished this week)

Alright, I’ve got to go, I’m getting a whiff of diaper duty.  The many joys of motherhood.

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