Decorating, holidays and family Fall Decorating September 27, 2013

I haven’t posted much this week as I have been attempting to make some sense out of our flower beds.  There isn’t much interesting to look at, just me, pulling weeds and removing overgrown plants.  My nausea also hasn’t let up any in the second trimester, so I’m spending a lot of time laying on the couch.  We’re not much in the way of gardeners-I’m basically the botanical grim reaper.  To add to our black thumbs, we have a “private lot”, meaning on two sides (one side does have a house hidden somewhere inside of it, but they make my lawn look like the Biltmore Estate, so I’m categorizing them as woods) we’re surrounded by a jungle that is slowly creeping onto our property.  You can actually get to the water through our back yard, but it would involve a machete.

While Grant and I are spending our afternoons digging in the dirt, it is definitely feeling like Fall.  Leaves on the ground, 70 degree weather, I even had to put pants on the kid.  So, it seems like a good time to get our seasonal decor out.  We don’t decorate much for Halloween, although I’m all about the candy.  Not that we’re the Harry Potter book-burning types, I just like to do general Fall decor so it can carry through to Thanksgiving.

Our new mantle is a lot narrower than the one in our last house, so the gold garland I use through Christmas kept falling off.  Luckily I got these marble pumpkin tea-light holders at Crate & Barrel last Christmas, they were on clearance for $2, and are heavy enough to hold the garland in place.

Vase fillers are an inexpensive way to get festive, and they’re easy to change.  I usually buy them at Pottery Barn off-season, when they’re on clearance.  For fall we have autumn leaves, pomegranates, and artichokes in the bottom of our candle holders.  The only new thing I bought this year was this a vase I found at Target for $4 and an eggplant colored hydrangea to fill it.  Throw in some dollar store gold and rattan pumpkins, and we’re ready to toast some marshmallows on the chiminea while we cheer on the Raven’s.