Decorating, Home improvement Screw Holes August 26, 2013

I bought this set of mirrors to go above the fireplace in our old house, and haven’t found the perfect place for them since we moved.  For the past few months they’ve been in the dining room, where they didn’t really work, but they’re such a pain in the butt to get straight that I left them until now.

I’m not sure of the technical term for what these hang on, so I call these things screw holes.   Admittedly, that sounds offensive.  Until someone enlightens me to the correct name, though, that’s the best  I can come up with.  After a quick Google search, I found a better way to get them hung straight.

Here’s the secret:

First, I used a piece of blue tape and a permanent marker to trace the holes.

Then, using a level, I placed the blue tape on the wall where I planned on hanging my mirrors.

Hopefully you can see what’s going on in the photo above.  This second pregnancy is wiping me out, and my photography skills (what little I have) seem to be taking a hit from the fatigue.  I drilled holes into the center of my dots, then removed the blue tape and drilled my screws in.

Using the same piece of tape, I measured to get the three mirrors separated by an even amount of space, and hung them up.  It was super easy.  I can’t believe it took me this long to learn how to do this.

The hallway is looking pretty snazzy!  I’m trying to get started on a photo collage wall for the dining room, so I’ve been collecting frames.  Hopefully I’ll get that up soon, for now we have a pretty boring dining room.  I’m also in the midst of about 70 projects due to pregnancy ADD, so this weeks posting should be all over the place.  Stay tuned for shutter painting, flooring install, wall stenciling, and whatever else I come up with before I collapse.  Happy back to school week!

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