About Us

Welcome!  I’m Michelle a stay-at-home mom and lead writer/programmer/designer/construction worker of Ocean Front Shack. When I’m not trying to convince a three year old to eat anything other than candy, or convince an 18 month old to say anything other than “No!”, I’m renovating something in West Annapolis, MD.  The whole process was a lot easier when it was just Jason and I, but now that there are four of us (and a crazy rescue dog)-it’s a bit trickier, but a whole lot more fun.
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If you have any questions or are starting a project of your own, feel free to ask.  For full disclosure, neither of is professionally trained, Jason is a government contractor and Michelle worked in healthcare before Grant arrived.  We learn by trial and error (and a whole lot of Youtube).  We don’t proclaim to be experts, but we can usually share where we went wrong and what worked for us.  Thanks for stopping by and come back soon!

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